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Automatic CTA-Video Generation

VIOMATIC offers the solution for anyone who needs to produce a video to support campaigns and events very quickly and cost-effectively: The CTA Video Creator captures your content from your website or database and instantly creates the videos as a fully automated process. The content may be: photos, illustrations, videos, text and audio / music.

One of our features: With the text-to-speech function, you do not need a professional speaker. Your text can be automatically transferred to different languages.

Example Video


  • Automatic CTA-Video generation
  • Produces call-to-action videos within minutes
  • API interface
  • Video design are adaptable to customer‘s corporate identity
  • Data can be obtained from different sources.


New earning possibilities

Earn money with Videos Ads Increase Session Duration

Do you want to increase average time a user spends on your site?

More visually appealing: Make your website more visually appealing with videos.

Use your content to generate automatically videos and improve the visually appealing of your website. We turn any content into videos.