Innovative JavaScript Plugin for CMS

The cutting edge Content-To-Video Plugin for any CMS

The cutting edge CONTENT-TO-VIDEO plugin for any CMS

3 Steps to integrate the Viomatic CTV-Plugin

Step 1: Log in to Viomatic Backend to get the script tag with user ID.

Step 2: Embed the Viomatic script in the header or footer of your CMS system, alternatively for all pages or for individual ones.

Step 3: Configure the script to adapt the videos to the corporate CI. This is done on the basis of attributes in the script tag, e.g. User ID, ad, the language of the text, the CSS selector for the position of the video and the CSS selector of the images and texts.

The advantage: The CTV-Plugin does not have to be uploaded to the CMS system. Therefore, the solution works on all CMS systems.

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